COHIBA Behike BHK 54 and 52 back in stock!

COHIBA Behike BHK 54 and 52 back in stock!

COHIBA Behike BHK 54 and 52 back in stock! one of the best Cuban cigars are back in stock!

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Cohiba BHK 52

Cohiba BHK 54

Due to the scarcity of the BHK 52 and 54 Cohiba, only 1 BHK 52 or 54 per order. The cigar is shipped in plastic tube for protection. For all non-EU buyers, see here for out TAX/DUTY Free pricing.

 The cigar is constructed with mature tobacco so the cigar needs no further aging in the humidor. The ‘filler’ consists of a leaf that is called ‘medio tiempo,’ and that does not grow in every tobacco plant. The leaf grows on top of the plant in direct sunlight and gets partly because of that full, strong, coffee-like flavors. When smoking the cigar you will experience a very creamy texture.

The first La Casa del Habano in the Netherlands

We are very proud into the fact that we are the first LCDH in the Netherlands. La Casa del Habano The Hague started in 2011 and it still is a unique and beautiful cigar store with a walk-in humidor filled the best quality and  impressively large collection of Cuban cigars.

Living room

Furthermore is our smoking lounge the “living room” of The Hague where you can smoke a cigar in a cozy and friendly ambiance. You have to make time to visit us and find the place to be and smoke a cigar while you are in The Hague.