Men’s night 2018 GREAT SUCCESS!

On saturday 29th of september La Casa Del Habano The Hague will host;

‘Men’s Night 2018’ SOLD OUT !!!

This is the occasion to treat yourself or to be treated!
In our cigar lounge you can enjoy a great Cuban and much more…

Specially for this event there will be an authentic Cuban maestro torcedor in the store! This gives you the unique possibility to smoke a freshly made Cuban cigar.
Dob’s barbershop sharpens his blades/scissors to give you a great haircut or give you a traditional clean shave.
Of course there has to be a whisky tasting! A newcomer to the event will take care of the tasting.
The Walk is specialized in bespoke shoes. During the event you can see all their models and materials. But that’s not all, measurements are at a 15% discount during the Men’s night!
Yoniel Arencibia is the Mojito Man. A true Cuban. Proudly and full of passion Yoniel shows off his skills to make the best cocktails you will ever try!
Hermit – Dutch Coastal Gin will make truly beautiful and tastful mixes with gin.
NewGents will be our shoeshiner for the night and will also be displaying ties, bow ties and other men’s accessories.
Specially for this event Oger will be there with tailored made shirts. For only 88 Euro’s one can be yours!
Dunglemann will let you taste all kind of delicatessen from their famous butchery shop.
Finally there cannot be a Men’s Night without any entertainment. You will be able to enjoy authentic Boleros and Cuban music provided by Don Santiago and his live band.
The event will start at 18:00 and will end at 23:00.
The entrance fee is 30 Euro per person.
For reservations please e-mail us at [email protected]
Would you like to use the service from the barber, please let us know in your reservation.


Kind regards, Yvonne, Raymon & Ignacio