El Rey del Mundo

Below the list of products you find the story about the Cuban brand El Rey del Mundo.

El Rey del Mundo

This brand was Founded in 1848 by Emilio Ohmstedt. The brand was passed to Allones In 1873. Under Allones, the brand reached the height of its worldwide prestige, it became the most expensive and prestigious cigar brand in the world. The name means The King of the World is a winner.

This success lives on to this day in a selected range of Habanos renowned for its light to medium flavor and consistency.

After the 70th the milder brand began to lose its status because of the demand of more full bodied Cuban cigars. Despite its loss of popularity cigars the Choix Supreme and the Demi Tasse are still prized for their mild, complex flavors.

All sizes are made with tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo zone and are totally hand made long filler cigars.