Hoyo de Monterrey


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Don José Gener y Batet started in 1851 the brand La Escepción.  In 1865 he bought one of the best tobacco farms in Vuelta Abajo and registered the cigar brand: Hoyo de Monterrey. Hoyo’ means a ‘hole which lies at the heart of the Vuelta Abajo  tobacco zone. Here is the Hoyo de Monterrey plantation.

The flavor of Hoyo de Monterrey’s is a lighter, delicate and aromatic Habano with great elegance and complexity. Hoyo de Monterrey was the first brand who introduce the new Petit Corona size. The Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona is the best Double Corona from Cuba.  The Epicure series, the No.1, No. 2, and the Epicure Especial are all favorite of many cigar lovers.

All cigars are Totally handmade  long filler made from tobacco of the Vuelta Abajo tobacco zone.