Partagas online tax free

Partagas online tax free. The old Partagas factory opened in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagas it was the most famous cigar factory in Havana. Don Jaime owned also the best plantations therefore he was able to choose from the finest tobaccos on the island to blend his cigars. Using the best tobacco and a unique blending makes the brand very famous no 2 in row. Don Jaime ‘s Partagas factory was the first factory owner who hired lectors to read en entertain the cigar rollers in his factory. In 2012 the production of Partagas cigars moved to an other factory just outside of Havana’s city centre.

The Partagas cigars have a lot of different cigars when you like to explore the brand you have to try this ones: Lusitania, 898, serie D No.4, Serie D No.5, Serie P No.2, and Serie E No.2.

All cigars are totally hand made, full-flavored long filler cigars made with tobacco from Vuelta Abajo. The Partagas is very easy recognisable because its deep, rich and earthy flavor.