Quai d’Orsay

Below the list of products you find the story about the Cuban brand Quai d’Orsay.


Quai d’Orsay online

QUAI D’ORSAY brand is founded in 1973 especially for the French market. The brand is milder like the french prefer. The name is from a well-known street in Paris beside the River Seine.

The cigar you must have tied from the old serie is the Quai d’Orsay Coronas Claro

In 2017 Habanos introduced a renewed cigar line from Quai d’Orsay with 2 different cigars the No. 50 and the No.54. Both cigars have a new cigar label.

All Quai d’Orsay online cigars are totally hand made have a light flavor made with tobacco from Vuelta Abajo zone. The wrappers of the Quai D’Orsay cigars have a very light color.