Vegas Robaina

Below the list of products you find the story about the Cuban brand Vegas Robaina.


Vegas Robaina tax free

Habanos SA honored Don Alejandro Robaina in 1997 by launching a line of cigars bearing this name.  Since 1845 the Robaina family farmed tobacco on their famous plantation renowned by cigar aficionados. They are well known as the best tobacco farmers in Vuelta Abajo of Cuba. Don Alejandro Robaina was legendary by producing the finest wrapper leaves. 80% of Don Alejandro’s tobacco harvest was used as wrapper leaf compared to the 35% for other plantations.

Don Alejandro was a Celebrity in the cigar world. A lot of cigar aficionados went to his farm to give him a visit.He also traveled around the world and visit our store in 2007. We still have a signed humidor full with the famous cigars from Alejandro Robaina.

Don Alejandro lived from 20-03-1919 till  17-04-2010, now his grandson takes care of the plantation.

All Vegas Robaina tax free cigars are totally hand made with medium to full bodied long filler tobacco.